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It helps with speech development

Развивает, обучает, развлекает, помогает в воспитании
Высвобождает время родителям
Контент меняется вместе с взрослением ребенка
Kidsy is an smart educational assistant for kids
First progress seen in one week.

It distracts from cartoons and smartphones

It will teach useful skills:

Coming soon in USA
What can Kidsy do?
Develop and educate
Speech development, counting aloud, colors, letters, shapes, sizes, natural phenomena, seasons, weather, days of the week, months, animals, rules of conduct, arithmetic puzzles, English
Form good habits
Forms good daily habits. Brush teeth, go potty, keep toys in order, eat on time, bathe, nap, make bed, drink water, get dressed
Form skills
Listening comprehension, put shoes on, share toys, be diligent, read by syllables, pronounce letters and sounds
Entertain and play, distracting from smartphones
Fairy tales, songs, riddles, music, educational games, interesting stories and facts, it knows answers to hundreds of children's whys
Benefit for parents
Develops child's speech and skills
Mothers have more free time
Distracts from smartphones, TV, and cartoons
No harm to eyes and no electromagnetic radiation
It will not get tired to remind about routine affairs and will not forget anything
Answers all the questions in the "why? period"
Want to help your child fully develop his or her abilities?
We will tell you how Kidsy helps children do so.
How to contact you?
What problems in the development of children worry you?
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Our startup is successfully working in Russia and soon we are launching in the USA.
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