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It helps with speech development

Развивает, обучает, развлекает, помогает в воспитании
Высвобождает время родителям
Контент меняется вместе с взрослением ребенка
Kidsy is a educational assistant for kids
First progress seen in one week.
Kids will learn new words and brush their teeth eagerly

It distracts from cartoons and smartphones

It will teach useful skills:

What can Kidsy do?
Develop and educate
Speech development, counting aloud, colors, letters, shapes, sizes, natural phenomena, seasons, weather, days of the week, months, animals, rules of conduct, arithmetic puzzles, English
Form good habits
Forms good daily habits. Brush teeth, go potty, keep toys in order, eat on time, bathe, nap, make bed, drink water, get dressed
Form skills
Listening comprehension, put shoes on, share toys, be diligent, read by syllables, pronounce letters and sounds
Entertain and play, distracting from smartphones
Fairy tales, songs, riddles, music, educational games, interesting stories and facts, it knows answers to hundreds of children's whys
How does Kidsy do it?
It teaches and develops while playing through stories and activities

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Speech development for babies
Number of activities: 45
Benefit: save money on speech therapists, online classes and speech therapy classes

Kidsy has a large set of training courses for speech development while playing, both for babies who are just learning letters and sounds and speech therapy games for children under 6.

Parents choose lessons and manage them using their smartphone. The courses are compiled by children psychologists and speech therapists.

Courses built in Kidsy help children start talking in time, without delays in their speech development. Kidsy will teach your baby letters and syllables every day.
    Learn colors, letters, numbers, animals, plants
    Number of activities: 28
    Benefit: save money on books, online classes, and development games

    Speech development, counting aloud, colors, letters, shapes, sizes, natural phenomena, seasons, weather, days of the week, months, animals. The toy is accompanied by a set of cards. Kidsy will teach your baby during play. It will say that the sun is yellow and warm and ask the child to put it on a yellow card. Kidsy will understand if the child put it on the right card.

    The technology will entertain the kid while the parents are busy with their business.

    The program was compiled by children methodologists and psychologists.
      Washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing, morning exercises
      Number of activities: 22
      Benefit: less frequent visits to the dentist and other doctors

      Toddlers don't like washing their hands, forget about it, or just pretend to wash.

      Kidsy knows a lot about the importance of washing hands after a walk, morning face washing, brushing teeth and bathing at night.

      At a specified time, or via the mobile app, Kidsy will say:
      "Hey, kid, can you take me to the bath to brush our teeth together?

      Why do you think dragons have such strong big teeth? They clean them every morning and every night!"
      Kidsy has a large collection of interesting stories about cleanliness.
      The program was compiled by children psychologists and pediatricians.
        Quick bedtime routine
        Benefit: parents will have time for their favorite TV series or a book before bedtime

        If your problem is that the child gets too playful at night and does not want to go to bed, you can set the optimal daily routine for your child in the mobile app – for instance, 9:00am – 10:00pm.

        Kidsy will say at 10:00 pm: "Oh, it's so late already, I'm so tired after this day, could you please put me to bed?" It will also offer to go to bed and start telling a bedtime story.

        If the baby does not agree on the first try, Kidsy will remind it several times with various pretexts.

        Kidsy will teach a child to follow the "night ritual": brush teeth, put toys away, put pajamas on, and go to bed.
        Keeping toys in order
        Benefit: a child keeps toys in order without protests and endless reminders

        Does your child scatter toys all over the room and refuse to put them back? This is because it's boring to clean when you are alone.

        Kidsy knows how to keep all toys in order while playing without even getting tired.
        It will tell fairy tales about other children and fairy tale characters keeping toys in order.

        When you want your child to put the toys away, turn on the skill with a smartphone, and Kidsy will interactively ask to put them away:

        "Oh, look what a mess! We were playing so hard that all the toys ran away... Now we need to put everything away. Toys don't like lying on the floor – I can tell, because I am a toy as well..."

        The program was compiled by children psychologists.
        Dressing and putting shoes on
        Select a skill in the mobile app when you are going for a walk. Kidsy will notice that you are going for a walk and will say playfully:

        "Oooh, I see you are going out! Now I will tell you the story about a boy who was going for a walk...".

        Kidsy will tell how to put mittens on, why you need a scarf and a hat, why it is cold in winter and warm in summer, and much more.

        All the stories are very entertaining, so your child will listen to them eagerly and learn how to dress up.

        The program was compiled by children psychologists.
        Potty and toilet training
        Benefit: you don't need to buy expensive diapers any longer

        Kidsy will tell entertaining stories about the importance of leaving diapers behind and learning to go potty.

        It will tell how to take off their pants and pull them back on later, and much more.

        A series of playing activities will teach the baby to go potty and an older kid to go to the toilet.

        A series of activities was compiled by children psychologists and pediatricians.
          Preparation and adaptation to kindergarten
          Number of activities: 12

          If the problem "I don't want to go to kindergarten" is urgent, Kidsy will help your kid to get ready to attend kindergarten and love it.

          The toy will tell why kindergarten is fun, that you can find a lot of friends and toys there, how to dress and undress yourself, how to ask to go to the toilet, what is a teacher and why you need to eat a midday meal.
          Fairy tales, songs, stories
          Kidsy knows a lot of songs and fairy tales, both classical and modern. The child can play their favorite songs from popular brand.

          Kidsy understands the child's voice, so the child can just say "Play my favorite fairy tales." Favorite tracks are set by by the number of plays or in the mobile app.

          All fairy tales, songs, and poems that Kidsy knows are approved by children psychologists.
          Customize Kidsy for your child
          You can always buy more programs in our mobile app
          Add skills
          Add educational programs
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          You can buy the full Kidsy version (includes all programs) for $149
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          Benefit for parents
          Develops child's speech and skills
          Mothers have more free time
          Distracts from smartphones, TV, and cartoons
          No harm to eyes and no electromagnetic radiation
          It will not get tired to remind about routine affairs and will not forget anything
          Answers all the questions in the "why? period"
          Kidsy is interesting to a child at different stages of development
          New developmental games, answers to questions, and stories are added every week, while ordinary toys are run over 100 times and gather dust
          1-2 years old
          Kidsy will tell tales loved since childhood and sing songs
          3 years old
          Teaching colors, numbers, letters, seasons, daily routine. Kidsy will even teach to say "Thank you"!
          4 years old
          First children's questions, simple games for attention, riddles and entertaining stories
          5-6 years old
          Answers to important questions, learning English, arithmetic puzzles, logic games. For older children – stories about pirates, bandits and monsters
          Want to help your child fully develop his or her abilities?
          We will tell you how Kidsy helps children do so.
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          Your phone number
          How to contact you?
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          Parents' questions

          How to run a story or activity?
          Kidsy is easily controlled by voice or with a mobile app. It is turned on with one big button on the belly or by the command: "Kidsy, listen." Kidsy is accompanied by materials (cards, posters, mini-books and a big manual for parents).
            When and how will I see the results of activities with Kidsy?
            As a rule, our clients see the first results as soon as one week. In the case of the "teeth brushing" skill, the child will run to the bathroom with interest because there will be a new, entertaining story about why brushing teeth is great every day.
            Why will children obey Kidsy?
            Children feel Kidsy's importance through fairy tales, songs, games, and answers to questions, because it entertains and cheers them. Thanks to this, the child begins to obey Kidsy in everyday routine as well. Unlike parents, children won't be able to manipulate Kidsy in everyday routine, because it is a toy.
            Why would a child want to study with Kidsy? After all, studying is always boring...
            All Kidsy's educational programs are built as games according to a special algorithm by professional child psychologists. Kidsy will engage even the most restless child.
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